December 31, 2012

End of 2012

I might as well jump on the "what did I do all year?" bandwagon.  It has been interesting to see what I really have accomplished all year quilt wise.  So much time goes into each quilt from the planning to the binding, it is amazing how much I can get done.  Especially owning a longarm now!  That makes all the difference!!

I am seriously lacking in finished pictures of all my projects though.  I give them away meaning to take a picture before I do and then (insert head slap here) I realize I never took the photo.  Frustrating!  And taking them with my phone just does not cut it! : )

Good thing my dear sweet hubs bought me a new camera for Christmas!  It has some really cool features like panorama...this one is so fun...see...

 Caught in the act of "Just Dance" ing together! 

Some of my finishes from 2012....that lack of picture taking thing again...I am missing 3 finishes.

Some of the ones I quilted for others this year...such a fun learning process!

Bee blocks from this year...I think I caught pix of most of them. 
Most importantly are the snippets of what the fam did all year...just a few!  We had birthdays, got chickens, had a blast in band, joined theater, played soccer, much, much more and the best of all we all loved on each other!  Good times!
Goodbye 2012, here is to another great year!

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Marilyn said...

I hope all is well with you and your family. I miss your posts.