January 31, 2013


Wow, I cannot believe how fast this month has flown by.   I look back at my calendar on the wall and every night of the week but Tuesdays there has been something to do and somewhere to be.

The Boy has been playing basketball for the first time and hubs has been his coach.  Hubs who happily coaches soccer, but himself has never had a love for basketball or even played other than a game of HORSE, stepped up to coach; otherwise there would not have been a team for The Boy to play on.  Way to step up!!  I think they are both having fun hee hee

Miss H has been practicing for a play, A Year with Frog and Toad thru a local community theater.  Opening night is tomorrow!  So excited to see her in the role of a mole...yup a mole!  Should be pretty cute!

In between all the practices and real life, I have been eeking out some quilting time for me and for others.  I take lots of pictures, but mostly post them on Instagram anymore, it is so easy!  I am @denisequilts over there if you want to follow me.  Even did a quilt along you may have heard about #scrappytripalong!  

Following a tutorial at quiltville.com ...if you haven't tried this yet, you must!  Practically instant gratification!

My helper was trying to be funny...sticking her tongue out over the top of the quilt, etc. 

Here I had asked her to turn around so I could get a pix of the back of the quilt....a bit of a smarty pants this one!  Wonder where she gets it?! lol

Along with the gang from EMQG we put this top together for QuiltCon charity project and then I brought it home and quilted it, bound it, and sent it on its way to Austin TX. 

I first quilted it in light grey regular quilt length stitches, then went back over it in long colored stitches for an almost hand quilted look.  

One done for Nancy...she wanted circles to match the fabric, circles, swirls and some loops all give this quilt some amazing texture.  Thanks Nancy, it was fun!

Cats on the beach...lol

Some wolves...

There were a couple others in here too, but I missed out on taking pix of those before they went back to their makers.  

I joined a paper piecing quilt along, all the blocks are sewing related and at the end of the year there will be enough to make a sewing themed quilt. 

I also signed up to do a craft fair in March 23, so that should keep me busy making goodies to sell.  

I will keep you posted on that!  If you like shabby chic home goods, this is the place to go!

Off to pick up the girl child from her last play practice before the big night, TTFN

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Jenny Bonynge said...

Hey! Thanks Denise for doing the quilting and shipping off that quilt for QuiltCon. It looks terrific...love the colored threads.